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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sand everywhere...

Off we head into the dunes of the desert for a night at a Oman camp. The day was again a scorching 35c and I feel in three days I have drank enough water to put this country into drought.

After a few hours drive dodging camels, donkeys and goats we reached a small valley in the dunes. this was our camp, yep in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It still amazes me that normal people can find a way to live and make a living in the harshest places. As u can c in the photo our hut was pretty cool and the open air bathroom was a delight, well for Narelle's senses anyways!

Camel was on the menu for dinner, the animal not the smokes Jamie. I

thought it tasted exactly how it looks; tough and it was like chewing on a fur ball with beef flavour. I won't b ordering that again!

After dinner it was up to the top of the dunes for some sledding. Great fun...although I am now finding sand in places where sand just should not get.

We managed to spend a little time with the two local ladies pictured today. They were the wives of the guy who owned the camp. They were making little wool trinkets to sell for a little extra cash. It was also quite unusual to see their head piece. It had a solid piece down the centre of the face and I was told this was to assist with vision during sand storms. Please remember that this is a cultural piece of clothing not a religious item, so it is their own choice to wear judging.

We are now in Nizwa in central Oman and have just had a wonderful meal at the local eatery. It was a huge feast of lamb, chicken, bread and dip. I managed to offset the meal with 100 laps of the hotel swimming pool...

Russell The three camels I sold Narelle for...

Top left: How the hell do u order a soy flat white no sugar in Arabic?

Open air luxury.


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lyonesset said...

The bathroom is great! Would have been amazing at night - good star watching I suspect