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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Some interesting facts about Oman

In Oman:
People do not pay taxes
men can have up 4 wives
Oil and gas is the main economic activity
Health care and education is free
The weekend is Thursday and Friday
Lamb is the main meat
Desalination is the main water supply
Coffee is spiced
Women wear modern clothes under the black robes
A pack of cigarettes is $1
A litre of petrol is 30c
A litre of water is 25c
The country was devastated in 2006 by a cyclone
The population is 2.7 million

Spent the morning viewing some of the city delights of Muscat. Here are a few photos of the grand Mosque, the suq (lots of gold shops), and the local coffee shop.



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Yes I guess not paying taxes is the best of all :)

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