Narelle and I would like to invite you to follow our trip to the Middle East this March and April. We hope you enjoy the blogs we post as we travel around this beautiful part of the world.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Where are we going this time...?

In previous holidays our friends and family have said on our return it would have been nice to read about your travels as you went along. Maybe they are stalkers, maybe we go to unusual places or just maybe they just take comfort in knowing where we are: all three is my guess!

This time around we are going somewhere very exciting and full of history. We are off to the old Persia (Middle East). We start in Oman, Qatar, move onto Iran for the bulk of the time and then we head back to Qatar. Below is a map of the places we intend to doubt these will change as the 'wind changes' our direction.

At anytime you can view where we probably are by clicking on our travel map link: Google Maps then on an icon or a place listed in the left column.

Click  to view our Google Maps Travel Page
We do hope you enjoy the posts and lots of pictures that we share over the next 5 weeks. Send us a comment/question etc and we will do our best to answer.


M & D said...

Stay Safe

Murray Blair said...

Enjoy the experience

Russell Hay said...

Not much water for you to swim in, I wonder how many camels Narelle will get for you Kane??