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Friday, 26 April 2013

Food in Iran 1

Buying and eating food in Iran is very different to the is a run down...

Bazaars and corner shops verse supermarkets... The old way of going to different shops for your food shopping still rules in most parts of Iran, Supermarkets are still rare. When quizzed as to why this is the case the response was: women do the food shopping in Iran and as a result these outings are seen as also been social.

Spices and herbs...these essential flavourings are an important part of the culinary delight of all Iranian food. Buying these important ingredients is taken very seriously and women seemingly spend hours, smelling, tasting and questioning the shopkeeper about the produce. These shops are also a colour wonderland and the shop keepers do all they can to lure the client inside.

Vegetable markets (or green bazaar) ...they generally have the same fruit and veg that we have at home. There has only been one thing that we didn't know what it was and that is the green berry below.

Meat shops...have whole lambs and goats hanging in the window. Most seem to have refrigeration which is better than we have seen in some countries.

Bread stores... Bread is served with every meal in Iran. You see people walking with bread piled high from the bakery. The bakeries have wire tables out the front of their stores for people to allow their bread to cool down before putting it in the plastic bag. Although we have seen some loaves of bread, it is generally flat bread that they have.


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