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Friday, 26 April 2013

Food in Iran 2

Ice cream shops... are everywhere and we could relate the product sold from these shops to the mobile 'Mr Whippy' van. A huge selection of soft serve ice cream and fruit and jelly sundaes are served for no more than $1. In more tready areas gelato bars are opening up and their product selection is gi-normous...and it's also well priced at 15c a scoop. Needless to say I have had most flavours Iran can offer! Saffron flavour is pretty good.

Breakfast... Has been pretty consistent everywhere we have been and generally consists of flat bread, various jams (carrot, sour cherry, honey), cucumber, tomato, cheese (like Danish feta). Occasionally, we might also get a hard boiled egg. Tea is standard, coffee not always easy to get and often not good, Kane is cranky these mornings!

Snacks... We've had a few snacks around the place, some date filled cookies in Yazd, walnut and cinnamon filled pastry that our taxi driver gave us on the way to Masuleh, samosas from an Afghani guy in Shiraz, sweets in Tabriz and a pizza style pastry.

Fast Food Iran Style...Kentucky House (Iranians actually call it KFC) appears to be the favourite of the common Iranian. It is like a clone of the West's KFC right down to the coleslaw and Zingar (not Zinger) burgers. Narelle and I tried the Iranian Fast Food giant and the experience although not to our taste did cost us about $4.50.

Lunch/Dinner... We've mainly been eating in traditional Iranian restaurants. The food generally isn't spicy and bread and rice are the staples. You can also get salads fairly easily. Options for lunch/dinner are generally kebab (lamb, chicken, beef, minced meat and even chicken on top of lamb), stew (Dizi which is a bean and meat stew where you drain the liquid into a soup bowl and then mash the other ingredients together before eating it with bread, lentil, pomegranate and walnut), eggplant dish served with whey and chicken with barberry. Lunch is the main meal of the day, which is generally between 2 and 3 pm. Dinner starts from 8 pm.


Picnics: along with nose jobs, Iran is the land of picnics. Iranians will stop the car and have a picnic anywhere.

Drinks... Pepsi seems to be more available than Coke, or they have their own brand called ZamZam. Tea is everywhere. You can get non-alcoholic beer in all different flavours, such as lemon, peach, tropical, mango, pomegranate, sour cherry. Some brands taste more like beer than others. They also have a popular drink called 'dough', which is like a salty sour milk drink...not one of our favourites. They had a lot of milk shakes in Yazd. Kane's new favourite is date flavour.


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