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Friday, 5 April 2013

The day of prayer...

Friday is the weekend here and also the Muslim main prayer day. wonderful sounds echoed all through streets for hours. as a result nothing happens here until at least 2pm...even a coffee was hard to come by until lunch time.

After i got my fix we spent the afternoon in the Islamic Arts Centre, a stunning modern building that houses selected artifacts from all over the Islamic world.

Below are photos of a few of the more prominent pieces.

A hand crafted 8th century metal helmet in the shape of a turban.

An gold illustration of the quar'an from 6th century.

A blue glazed bowl from 8th century Turkey.

A bird made of gems and gold...16th century India.

We topped off the day at an Iraq place for dinner. Delicious style of food that both of us have never had before..

We are off to Iran at 1am tonight, a very unconventional hour to fly considering we don't have any hotel booked at the other end yet. We are very excited about the next few weeks. Internet will b harder to come by from now. we will continue to write an entry each day, they will just be posted whenever we get the chance.

A summary of Qatar...

Old way of life is meeting the new!

Location:Ibn Hanbal,Doha,Qatar

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

The trip looks to be getting better. The museum artifacts are outstanding!
I am also envying the restaurants/food.
Narelle - any long sleeve tops in the bag for Iran?