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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Silk Road Caravanserai

Like they did thousands of years ago, today we followed the Silk Road from Kerman to Zein-o-din. Passing many along the way, we eventually stopped at a Caravanserai (a stop along the route where camel teams stayed a few days - think modern day truck stop with a hotel attached).

The Caravanserai...As u can c it's in the middle of absolutely no-where. Nothing for as far as one can c.

Our curtained off room for the night.

The courtyard where the camels were tied up and the cargo temp offloaded.

Off to Yazd tomorrow...

Location:Zein-o-din, Iran

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Anonymous said...

THanks for the great blog. Heading to Iran in November and would love to spend a night at the caravanserai. Was this difficult to organise? Was it necessary to book in advance? Thank you, TJ