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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Soaking wet...

First day in Iran was spent mostly was rather cool and it absolutely poured down the whole day.

We did venture out to get some essentials and straight away we knew we were somewhere special that not many have come to recently. People were very curious to see us walking down the street. Dripping wet kids on bikes came up to us just to look, some shop keepers and passers by gave us their best hellos in broken English and the women kept an eye on Narelle we presume to see what she was wearing. Most quietly laughed as we walked on by. The older gen, say above 50ish, generally saw us and then did not raise their eyes unless we directly engaged with them. One can only put this down to this gen remembering how Iran was before the west became involved in the 70s and they still hold a 'grudge' against westerners. i don't blame them...Exactly the same happened happen when we visited N Korea in 2007.

As for the money situation its as confusing as hell; 1 means 10000 and 10 mean 1000, 100 also means 10000, 1000 means 100,000...what the? It wont be long before we get ripped off somewhere!!!

The shops on the streets were full of 'normal' products although it appeared as though the 'named' brands were not part of their selection. Also the cars were quite old and run my white chariot. I presume this is due to the international sanctions Iran is having to deal with...I blame Narelle's sanctions for my car!!!

Dinner...notice the metal pounder thing. They use this device to mash their soup as they eat it. We had to ask the waiter what it was... He thought it was hilarious and took great delight showing us how it works.

Location:Shiraz, Iran

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as though things are running well and yes, you will inevitably "mistakenly" get ripped off!
The metal pounder sounds like a good souvenir.
Keep up the up-date momentum!