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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Riches, opulance & some luck

We set out yesterday looking for a bus terminal but in the end we gave up and walked the 6km into the city. It was a stroke of good luck as we came across a nice boat ride around the Doha harbour.

We then headed off into the desert to see the Sheiqh's private collection of 'stuff'. There were all sorts of riches displayed from swords, paintings, rugs and everything up to a F1 car and an airplane. I had a great time looking at the vintage cars and in particular an ambulance from ww1 and this strange squashed car from 1904. Narelle was off looking at the woman's display see below for photo...boring!!

From there we were off to see this extravagant shopping mall everyone was talking about...including gondola rides, ice skating, roller coasters, and a full theme park! Very very impressive!

Location:Al Nisr,Doha,Qatar

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Anonymous said...

It's looking like a great trip. Keep the blogs coming.