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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Geological wonderland...

A few interesting points of note today:

Our 4WD broke down in the middle of nowhere...well there was 1 tree, 2 shrubs, a dry river bed and 2 goats there to keep us company. Their names were: chops and shank.

The valley we travelled trough today was an absolute geological wonderland. Lots of folded sedimentary mountains, pushed up volcanic hills, pure marble hills and valleys upon valleys of all different coloured shale. Truly remarkable for those of us who enjoy this sort of stuff. For all u geos out there this is the best I have ever seen...macca, Dave I have 2 samples coming ur way!

A 2800m decent into the valley that took us about 3 hours by 4WD.

Strong uplifts in the rocks

A tree...have not seen on of those for a while...

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