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Monday, 8 April 2013

Interesting facts we have learnt

Interesting facts about Iran...

Most people get married between ages of 25 to 30
Average wage is $80 per month
Average rent is $300 per month
Women can be arrested if their head is not covered
A loaf of bread costs 15c
A coke costs 80c
Water costs 60c a L
Women can only swim at designated times
Tea is the main drink
Lamb of beef Kebab and rice is the main lunch and dinner meal
A mobile phone (not smart phone) is about $300
Skype is blocked because the govt believes it takes communication revenue from the country
Facebook twitter and most other social media is banned
Credit cards cannot be used, cash only for us
The weekend is Thursday and Friday
Dinner is about $3 per person
Photos of Martas (fallen soldiers) of Iran's wars are displayed on the flags along the freeways
Buses and taxis need permits to travel beyond city borders
Most cars are Kia or Pergot


Remy said...

Do you mean Peugeot(Pergot)?

Anonymous said...

skype is not blocked as my wife talks to her mother on it every other day. Facebook is also not blocked, althouhg you can bet its monitored heavily