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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gardens to desert

Very special event today as Narelle and I got to climb the main minaret of a small towns mosque just outside Kaman. Wow that was a privilege and an honour!

It was a very tight squeeze.

The view was worth it.

Nice shot of Narelle at the gardens

This 3 year old girl was practising her English with me. She could say: 1 to 10, hello, bye bye, photo, and as we were leaving out popped 'I love you'...very cute. She was there with her parents who had the day off work.

This girl was selling almonds with her dad on the sidewalk. I think the face indicates she has not had the easiest life so far.

Safety first in Iran! No wonder the road toll is 20,000 a year!

Broken down Iranian style. This location is where some of the world heat records were set at 70+ degrees celsius.

This family was having a great time in the sand. They were just missing the ocean otherwise all the games were the same.

Kane and Narelle

Ben the reddish (rangar) colour of the rock reminded me of you.

Location:Kaman, Iran

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