Narelle and I would like to invite you to follow our trip to the Middle East this March and April. We hope you enjoy the blogs we post as we travel around this beautiful part of the world.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Iran...nothing but smiles

After a sleepless night at airports we are now in Persia (Iran) a country that intrigues us both.

The plane journey across the gulf from Qatar was rather uncomfortable with the bumps but in the end mans tech beat the weather and i have 3 weeks of no planes to repair those jangled nerves. We got through immigration without to many hassles. The foreigners line at immigration was rather short, just N, myself and a Japanese guy who did not arrange a visa before coming. Needless to say we did not see him after that. Stupid Idiot!!!

A short taxi drive and a tip toe at 4am through 500m of old alleyways found us at a wonderful little guesthouse. We were greeted with a "welcome to Iran" from a fine looking chap.

We later found out this guesthouse used to b an old printing building.

Location:Shiraz, Iran


Anonymous said...

Hi Kane & Narelle,
We're enjoying your trip reports. The geology is great. Dave says he like the camel on the right best.
Meanwhile the rest of us at swim squad are doing extra laps to cover for you...for the last big swim of the season, Mollymoook 2 km, 21st. Hope you've found the soy latte cafe alright by now. Have fun. Cheers, Pauline & Dave

Anonymous said...

Hi Kane and Narelle, we are all loving following your trip with the pictures and the information you are giving us. Take care,
Love Jo, Peter, Stephanie and Ryan xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kane & Narelle,
We are planning a trip in April 2014 and wondered if you would share some addresses with us. Any information on hotels etc would help us greatly!

amir hossein Bahrami said...

it's not "the gulf"
It is persian gulf

Anonymous said...

thank you for the beautiful travel blog.