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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

It's the little things...

First freshly ground coffee today for many weeks...lucky the Armenians came to help out Iran. We are now in Esfahan the centre of the Islamic world and a busy city much like our own cities. The city is also famous for having the world's biggest public square. The square is ringed by three magnificent buildings that we were lucky to visit: the mosque, shrine and palace.

The mosque, Wow...!!!!
This is my favourite photo: The architecture of this mosque is amazing especially for a building built in the 15th century.

The dome of the mosque, by far the most impressive we have seen in Iran and the biggest. Remember these structures are all made from tiles about 15cm by 15cm in size.

Mosaic tiles... Imagine doing this today in such a grand fashion...?

Tourists from all around we're coming in to see this mosque.

Forget us, look at the stunning Quran verses meticulously arranged on the tiles

The holy one...problem is the light is coming out of the wrong end!

The ceilings in the palace were recessed to avoid the sound from carrying. Below is a close up of this fine craftsmanship using plaster, no wood to be seen. I have never seen this before so we spent quite a while admiring this work.

There was a bazaar close by and we found the world's biggest 'fruit rollup'... U buy it by the length, 50cm minimum buy at 50 rials ($1.15)




Anonymous said...

It's magnificent and in great condition - and from the 15th century!

It is similar in style to places in Cordoba and southern Spain. Tiles are beautiful and age very well, as can be seen.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kane and Narelle,

we're planning to travel to Iran- could you tell me the name of the agency you travelled with?


Kimia Kashkooli said...

Hi Kane and Narelle!

I'm traveling to Iran in a couple of weeks and would love to do a blog to show the culture to my American friends (I am Iranian). I was just wondering how you got away with blogging from Iran because I know a lot of sites are blocked. Was not blocked for you or did you use a filter? Any tips would be appreciated!


Sfiran Travel said...

What's wrong with the Aussie wifebeater and pluggers? Well maybe not as fashionable as the suits and mantos found in Iran :p

Umair Saddiqui said...

Iran is very beautiful country Allah has blessed iran with the ultimate beauty that everyone love to visit specifically Muslim families because

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