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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Two hidden gems...

We ventured out today to two World Heritage sites I never knew existed but in the end were two of the best we have seen anywhere.

This is the Necropolis which has the tombs of four Persian kings. Notice the people at the base off the mountain. Each tomb is 40m high.

The hundreds upon hundreds of relief carvings in solid granite were in extremely good condition and detailed throughout all of the tombs. There were even faces of Kings that we could recognise.

Then it was a short drive to Persepolis, which is an ancient city of palaces that was totally covered by dust and sand until 1930's and is therefore well preserved.

A 6th century complex that was about 50 football fields in size. Below is one of the palaces.

Walls upon walls of perfect granite carvings entertained us.

Then it was off to find dinner in the crowded Shiraz bazaar.

We had Afgan pastries for dinner from this guy: potato, cabbage and cheese. $1.10c later we were full.

Wearing a head scarf takes some getting used to. Am starting to get the hang of it, although I have found myself walking down the street on a couple of occasions and it has slipped off. Hopefully I won't get arrested. The Iranian women make it look so easy. I've resorted to bobby pins to keep it in place. Hopefully I won't have to tie it under my chin like an old lady.

Location:لطفعلی خان,Shiraz,Iran

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Cyrus said...

Obviously wonderful sights. Persepolis is made 6th century BC (and not 6th AC) which makes a difference of 12 centuries.