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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Iran the land of nose jobs...

Iran is undoubtably the land of nose jobs. People here are proud of their nose surgeries and in total reverse of what we would do after the surgery, i.e. hide at home for for 6 weeks and then hope and prey no one notices our new snout Iranians wear their big white nose bandaids in public with pride and distinction.

When we enquired as to why people did not care about showing themselves we were told something quite unexpected. Apparently people in Iran will show off their new nose job as soon as they are discharged from hospital for as long as possible. It is a status thing!

A typical nose job costs 3000 to 4000$. That is a huge amount of money here so people display their wealth proudly. It is not uncommon to fake the surgery either and just wear the band aids.


Anonymous said...

Nothing changes in this diminishing world - egotism!


Anonymous said...

as an Iranian I can tell you that lots of people fake it too, just to show off and say they are rich!


Thanks dear for the information!! Yeah celebrities’ nose jobs are so common these days and it is very difficult to know who has their original nose. But I must say nose job of Jennifer Aniston is among the best nose jobs.